That’s ... kind of ridiculous, right?


Slip off the magnetic cap of Apple Pencil to reveal a Lightning connector that lets you charge Apple Pencil simply by plugging it into iPad Pro. The connector features a slightly elongated design, so that charging is possible even when iPad Pro is inside its Silicone Case. In a rush? Just 15 seconds provides enough charge for half an hour of use. And a full charge gets you 12 hour’s worth of scribbling, sketching, annotating, and editing.*

And yeah, you can plug it into any Lightning port, on any iPad or iPhone that has one. Or even connect a third-party extension cable with a female Lightning port so Pencil isn’t sticking straight out, if you can find one that isn’t majorly sketchy.

But there’s no wall charger for Pencil. No USB connector. Not even a three-contact magnetic connector otherwise occupied by Smart Keyboard.

So you can’t charge Pencil without an iPad or iPhone that’s NOT charging.

Right? That’s weird?